About Us

The South Texas Community Association is a non profit organization, organized in 2008, with a 501(c)3 status granted by the United States Internal Revenue Service. The mission of the South Texas CTA is to promote and grow tennis in the Rio Grande Valley regardless of age, income and skill level.

Our Main Areas of Operation:

Tournaments - Our branded tournaments take place throughout the year, targeting players 18 years and under. 

Leagues - The USTA leagues take place year-round all around the Valley and range from 18 years to seniors. 

Overview - In the Rio Grande Valley, only a handful of tournaments are scheduled, but with your help, that number can grow. The CTA administers all tournaments and activities with little resources. We have implemented "tennis in schools," offering a tennis session during a P.E class, a Nickelodeon play day and more programs and tournaments at little or no cost to help grow tennis in the Valley.